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Are you ready for a simple way to generate more leads, close more sales, and have more success growing your business?  


If you're like a lot of clients I work with, then you’ll want a proven lead generation model created specifically for those who are confused, frustrated or simply overwhelmed by all the "Digital Marketing Mumbo Jumbo" being touted by all the marketing agencies and internet gurus out there today.

That’s why I created the Chain Reactions Marketing® Endorsement Partner Formula™

The Endorsement Partner Formula™ is a proven online training and group coaching program that creates a consistent flow of leads, prospects and sales - FAST, without spending money on ads, creating mountains of content, building out complex funnels, or being trapped at your computer all day.

When you fill out the form above, I’ll send you a PDF version of the EPF Course Book so you can see how the whole process works. Get your FREE course eBook today and discover how you can get all the new leads your business can handle in 2020.

To your massive lead generation success!


John Weisenberger

Founder & CEO, Chain Reactions Marketing®


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