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Welcome!  As a Chain Reactions Marketing® group coaching or one-on-one private coaching client, you have privileged access to certain information, resources, and tools that will support you during our time working together. 

Your personal “Private Client Area” will give you access to various assessment forms, informational documents, training videos and other related resources we will be utilizing during your private or group coaching experience.  

Access to these Private Client Area resources will help ensure that you get the most from your investment of time and money with me. 

To get started, please refer to the information detailed below.



Once logged-in to this secured, confidential site, you'll be able to:

  • Access my calendar to schedule/reschedule appointments
  • Access any of the products or training courses you've enrolled in
  • Record and check progress on your coaching goals or consulting projects
  • Prepare for each one-on-one coaching session or project status meeting
  • Evaluate your coaching experience or project outcomes
  • Review your Executive Coaching or Project Consulting Agreement
  • Monitor your invoices and payments
  • Access other resources (training videos, project reports, purchased products, etc.)



If so, you'll receive an email from me with your new client username and password within the next 24 hours.  After you receive your login credentials, follow the WHAT TO DO ON YOUR NEXT VISIT FOLLOWING ACCOUNT ACTIVATION section of this page below and follow the instructions.



  1. Click LOGIN on the menu bar above and then enter your username and password.
  2. If you've enrolled in a training or group coaching program go to the MY COURSES tab on your personal account page to begin your training program.
  3. If you're a private one-one coaching client, click the FORMS tab of your personal account page to access and complete the Welcome Packet Forms: Client Profile, Discovery, and Goals.
  4. If you're a consulting engagement client, click on the Agreement Sub-Menu of the FORMS tab to review our consulting Statement of Work (SOW) agreement.
  5. Click your CALENDAR tab to schedule any appointments you'd like with me.


IMPORTANT NOTE:  be sure to click on the “Save” buttons when you enter or update any information on the forms so the system captures your data.


That's all for now. Welcome aboard!



John Weisenberger

Founder, Chain Reactions Marketing®




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